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Antique Kimono - Purple KOMON SET type 2

This set is composed of

- Deep purple Antique Komon - condition A

- Pastel blue / purple Nagoya Obi 372 cm - condition A


SET tyle guide

- TYPE 1 : Kimono + Obi

- TYPE 2 : Kimono + Obi + Obijime

- TYPE 3 : Kimono + Obi + Obijime + Haori

Kimono Condition Guide

A+ (Excellent) : The kimono or accessory is in perfect condition, never worn and free from any stains or defects whatsoever.

A (Very Good) : The kimono or accessory is in excellent condition with minimal signs of wear, if any. It may have been gently worn a few times, but remains in pristine condition with no visible stains or defects.

B (Good) : The kimono or accessory is in good condition overall, with some signs of wear or minor flaws such as small stains, slight discoloration, or loose threads. These imperfections are minimal and do not detract significantly from the overall appearance of the kimono.

C (Fair) : The kimono or accessory is in fair condition with noticeable signs of wear, staining, discoloration, or minor damage such as small tears or holes. While still wearable, it may require some repairs or restoration to improve its appearance and functionality.

C- (Poor) : The kimono or accessory is in poor condition, heavily worn, damaged, or extensively flawed. It may have significant staining, discoloration, tears, holes, or other defects that make it nearly unusable without extensive repair or restoration.

Kimono Care Disclaimer

Please note that kimonos are delicate garments with intricate designs and traditional craftsmanship. As such, they may exhibit signs of natural wear and age, which are characteristic of their authenticity and traditional production methods.

Natural Wear: Due to their vintage nature, some kimonos may show signs of wear, including minor imperfections, small stains, or slight discoloration. These features are not considered defects, but rather contribute to the unique character and charm of each piece.

Handwashing Only: It is important to handle kimonos with care and to avoid machine washing. These garments should be gently hand washed in cold water with a mild detergent, taking care not to scrub or wring the fabric. Hang drying in a shaded area is recommended to preserve the integrity of the fabric and prevent damage from direct sunlight.

Professional Cleaning: For heavily soiled or stained kimonos, professional dry cleaning by a specialist familiar with delicate textiles is recommended. Please consult with a professional cleaner experienced in handling vintage and traditional garments for best results.

Disclaimer: Coco no Kimono is not responsible for any damage caused by improper care or washing of kimonos. Please follow the care instructions provided and handle these garments with the utmost care to ensure their longevity and preservation.

Purple Antique kimono

16 300¥Prix
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